Advanced Sampler for Automated Processing (ASAP)

The ASAP automates the onsite processing of biological samples via volume concentration.  In particular, it automates (1) the flushing, sample collection, and cleaning process; (2) regulate the pressure and the dosing of solutions; (3) detect leaks, pressure abnormalities, and flow rates; and (4) send out notifications and status report to the offsite operator.

Acknowledgements:  The ASAP was developed in collaboration with the Public Utilities Board of Singapore.

Water Lab (Brochure Download)

The Water Lab of Ecosen Solutions can be used to observe both spatial pattern and temporal trend water quality (chemistry, biological pigments, and/or physical properties) in the field. The usage has been demonstrated in various field deployments encompassing (a) 3D spatiotemporal water quality surveillance, (b) observation of temporal variation of analytes at a fixed location, and (c) portable discrete measurements.

Water Chemistry and Biological Pigments


    • The customizable Pollutant Water Lab (PWL) utilizes the tri-optical principle of the LEDIF technology to produce a holistic water quality monitoring system that resolves the specific sensing needs of a customer.  
    • The Algae Water Lab (AWL) helps the customer to monitor different groups of algae and safeguard water resources against harmful algal blooms (Brochure Download).
    • The Volatile organic compounds Water Lab (VocWL) helps the customer to safeguard water resources against selected carcinogenic hydrocarbons.

Water Physical Properties

    • PhyWL sensor can be coupled with the Water Lab Sensor to measure:  (1) Temperature, (2) PH, (3) Oxidation Reduction Potential, (4) Dissolved Oxygen, and (5) Conductivity/Salinity/Total Dissolved Solids.

Mode of Deployment


  • Provides real-time onsite water analysis in response to early warning sign of water contamination.

Portable LEDIF Portable LEDIF_Carrying Portable LEDIF_Sensing

Fixed Location

  • Provides continuous online water quality information in real-time.
  • Alerts authorized personnel for counteractive action.

Fixed Location_Urban Fixed Location_Water Bodies

  • Water Lab equipped with automated self-cleaning system utilized for first alert online monitoring at a water management facilities.

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  • For underwater fixed location and mobile platform instrumentation.

Submersible_LEDIF_1  Submersible_LEDIF_2  ASV-LEDIF AUV LEDIF2

Water Lab is packaged inside a pressure hull for submersible fixed location (top, left photo), manned vehicle (top, center photo), Censam (Waveslab) autonomous surface vehicle (top, right photo), and autonomous underwater vehicle (bottom, left photo) deployment in marine and inland waters. The autonomous underwater vehicle (bottom, left photo), called STARFISH, is developed by National University of Singapore, Acoustics Research Laboratory.